• The Greatness of the Universe – Original Artwork

    Our Universe is endless and timeless. Even if there is a place somewhere, where the description of the Universe is not suitable, it is still the Universe. Having this in mind we can try to understand the Greatness of the Universe, we can try to imagine, but it will always...
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    $ 2100.00
  • The New Beginning Mandala – Original Artwork

    The New Beginning Mandala invites you to create new plans and dream big. It is an inspirational Mandala allowing us to forget the painful past and the dark memories. Mandala is spinning clockwise and cleaning the dark energy, this way it transforms the dark into light, the...
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    $ 2200.00
  • The Existence – Original Artwork

    Existence by itself does not have any meaning. We are the creators of our lives, who choose what to feel, what emotions to experience, what purpose to choose in order to be happy and bring happiness to others. We are the ones who are making our lives happy, sad, or full of...
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    $ 2900.00
  • The Wealth of Soul – Original Artwork

    John was a man, who was always looking for something or someone special in the external world, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but it was temporary happiness. One day he decided to find true Happiness and started traveling all over the world: France, Spain, India,...
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    $ 6200.00