The Flower of Life

This is an artwork that represents the flower of life which is here, on Earth, in order to help people to feel the truth, wisdom, and pure love.

Trees, the wings of a butterfly, and two buildings are the symbols of our planet Earth. The flower of life is radiating the beauty and purity - in the artwork, it is shown as a shadow around the bloom which is in the center - this is the shadow of truth, wisdom, and pure love. The shadows everywhere else on the artwork are showing that some places on Earth already took over these beautiful qualities from the flower of life.

Two poles at the top and the bottom of the artwork represent the sources from which the flower of life is taking wisdom and all beautiful qualities when needed. These poles are like saint parents for this gentle flower. That’s where she goes when everything she has is given for those in need, that’s where she gets her strength. And when she gets her power and energy back, she comes to Earth again with all her love and kindness - to radiate more and more, more wisdom, more honesty, more truth, and more pure love.


This artwork is for sale. Contact for more information. 

Measurements: 21 x 29.5 cm

Color of the paper: Ivory

Price: £ 1400

Please note, when purchasing any artwork, 20% of the profit goes towards children charities and people who are in need.

Price includes delivery fees and insurance. Taxes and additional fees are paid by the client.

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