Early Age

Grew up in a beautiful house surrounded by forests and lakes in Lithuania. Started drawing at the age of 5 with birthday cards for family members. Felt incredibly excited that my little artworks made others happy! As I was learning drawing more and more every single day, it helped me realize that Surreal Ornamental Ink Artwork is in my blood and I cannot live without it. Today I am a worldwide commissioned artist.


The Academy of Arts

At the age of 8 started the Academy of Arts even though the principal told me I was too young. Fortunately, I was allowed to attend classes with older students than me and felt incredibly happy! Remember spending time there until late evenings and not realizing it was time to go home, could spend hours and hours until a piece of art looked perfect for me. A few years later after finishing the Academy of Arts found my style – drawing with ink – surreal artwork filled up with ornaments.



Feeling very grateful for parents who are very supportive! For all teachers and professors, I had an opportunity to learn from! A big massive thank you to all I’ve met in my path!



Inspiration comes from within – thoughts, feelings, emotions. Feeling inspired by the idea to be able to inspire other people to think deeper, to understand deeper, to explore more, and to live fully. There is always a message on each artwork, which is something for the audience to think about, or something to feel inspired by.



It feels like the field of imagination is limitless and boundless – while thinking about one idea the other ones are coming as well. Usually, there are clouds of ideas just flying around – have to concentrate and listen to my inner voice which says how to put everything on the piece of paper.



There is no particular scheme or a plan for ornaments, there is just a feeling which direction and how pen has to be placed on the paper. Then I start drawing small lines, circles, dots, and all other figures which are coming to my mind.



Thoughts and feelings, soul and emotions, dots and lines, shades, and ornaments are combined all together into one composition which shows and tells a story with a message to the audience. No sketches are done before drawing (unless requested by the client).


Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to ask anything, order artwork, or collaborate. If you have an idea for your new artwork or a project- looking forward to developing it and creating beauty.


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