The Greatness of the Universe – Original Artwork

Our Universe is endless and timeless. Even if there is a place somewhere, where the description of the Universe is not suitable, it is still the Universe. Having this in mind we can try to understand the Greatness of the Universe, we can try to imagine, but it will always be hard to perceive the real Greatness, which is too difficult for human consciousness. The Greatness of the Universe is not just in limitlessness. The Greatness of the Universe is in the power of abundance as well. There are so many planets, creatures, suns, stars, and many other things human minds cannot even imagine.

The Greatness of the Universe is in the law of giving the opportunity for all beautiful things to exist, to live, to be something or someone: The Sun has an opportunity to shine and give warmth to someone who needs it, The Earth has an opportunity to take that warmth, to give it to us - human beings and all nature. The Universe is not asking anything in exchange. The Greatness of the Universe is magnificent. This artwork represents a boundless Universe - 3 circles symbolize 3 different universes, there are trees of the Universe and their roots which represent roots of the Universe - the place where everything comes from.

About this artwork:

This artwork is sold. Contact or SEND AN INQUIRY below if you would like to order a similar* one.

*The difference might be in ornaments only as they are never copied in the same way.

Please note, when purchasing any artwork, 10% of the profit goes towards children charities and people who are in need.

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