The Law of the Universe

"Nothing happens without reason" - it says, he also says: "Be love, and you will get love; be fear, and you will get fear; be power, and you will get power; be anger, and you will get anger; nothing happens without reason - if you get anger from the external world, it means you are anger; if you get love, it means you are love…" His name is destiny, or he can simply be called Life or The Law of the Universe.

Woman in a picture represents a Mother of Law who is taking care of justice - she is the one who decides which actions are fair and which are not; she is the one who makes sure that every single action has a consequence; she is the one who makes sure that things happen to people who deserve it and she decides who need it, too.


This artwork is sold. Contact if you would like to order a similar* one.

*The difference might be in ornaments only as they are never copied in the same way.

Please note, when purchasing any artwork, 20% of the profit goes towards children charities and people who are in need.

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