The Existence – Original Artwork

Existence by itself does not have any meaning. We are the creators of our lives, who choose what to feel, what emotions to experience, what purpose to choose in order to be happy and bring happiness to others. We are the ones who are making our lives happy, sad, or full of fear. We are the ones who can fix it. We are the masters of our own lives. We are always deciding which step and which direction to take. We are able to choose the way of our Existence.

The Butterfly is a symbol of Existence. It has a short time to exist - but during that time it gives a lot of happiness by showing its beautiful wings to the world, no matter how long it exists.

Butterfly symbol was chosen in order to show, that even during a short period of time, a big difference can be done.

About this artwork:

This artwork is sold. Contact or SEND AN INQUIRY below if you would like to order a similar* one.

*The difference might be in ornaments only as they are never copied in the same way.

Please note, when purchasing any artwork, 10% of the profit goes towards children charities and people who are in need.

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