• The Flower of Life – Original Artwork

    This is an artwork that represents the flower of life which is here, on Earth, in order to help people to feel the truth, wisdom, and pure love. Trees, the wings of a butterfly, and two buildings are the symbols of our planet Earth. The flower of life is radiating the...
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    $ 2100.00
  • The Existence – Original Artwork

    Existence by itself does not have any meaning. We are the creators of our lives, who choose what to feel, what emotions to experience, what purpose to choose in order to be happy and bring happiness to others. We are the ones who are making our lives happy, sad, or full of...
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  • The Wealth of Soul – Original Artwork

    John was a man, who was always looking for something or someone special in the external world, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but it was temporary happiness. One day he decided to find true Happiness and started traveling all over the world: France, Spain, India,...
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  • The Beautiful World – Original Artwork

    The Beautiful World is the World that does not have any system, which is fair and loves truth. The World in which every single creature and a soul has its own place. Where everything stays in peacefulness and harmony. Upside down trees and two planets in different poles in...
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    $ 1400.00