The Wealth of Soul

John was a man, who was always looking for something or someone special in the external world, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but it was temporary happiness. One day he decided to find true Happiness and started traveling all over the world: France, Spain, India, Egypt, Russia, Brazil, and many other countries… It took him a lot of time, it took a lot of energy, but it was worth it because he found something he could not find for so many years… He found himself and an infinite source of abundance inside his soul, so the balance and harmony came to his heart.

"The Wealth of Soul" is the artwork that represents this story. A globe with symbols of different countries and a map of the world is drawn. The Temple on the top of a globe represents a temple of an infinite abundance and surrealistic flowers on both sides represent emotional lightness which comes after finding the source of abundance in the soul.

About this artwork:

This artwork is sold. Contact if you would like to order a similar* one.

*The difference might be in ornaments only as they are never copied in the same way.

Please note, when purchasing any artwork, 20% of the profit goes towards children charities and people who are in need.

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