The Greatness of Universe


Our Universe is endless and timeless…Even if there is a place somewhere, where the description of Universe is not suitable, it is still the same, maybe just another Universe, another time and place, having this in mind we can try to understand the Greatness of Universe, we can try to imagine, but it always will be hard to perceive the real Greatness, which is maybe too hard for human’s consciousness. The Greatness of Universe is not just in limitlessness. The greatness of Universe is in the power of giving as well. There are so many planets, creatures, suns, stars and many other things we can’t even imagine they exist in the Universe. The Greatness of Universe is in the law of giving the opportunity for all these existing things to exist, to live, to be something or someone: sun has opportunity to shine and give warmth for someone who needs it, Earth has opportunity to take that warmth, to give it for us- human beings and all nature. The Universe is not asking anything in exchange. The Greatness of Universe is so magnificent. This artwork represents a boundless Universe- 3 circles are symbolising 3 different universes, then there are the trees of Universe and their roots which represent roots of Universe- the place where everything comes from.

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