Early Career

I grew up in a beautiful house surrounded by forests and lakes near Siauliai, Lithuania. My drawing career started at the age of 6 with birthday cards for family members. I felt incredibly excited that my little artworks made others happy.

When I started the school I found out that drawing was the most interesting subject for me and I used to stay longer after the school – for to draw more!


The Academy of Arts

At the age of 9, I have enrolled at the Academy of Arts even though the principal told me I was too young. I was happy to attend classes with teenagers. I was very fond of those classes. I remember spending time there until late evenings and not realizing it was time to go home, I loved drawing so much I could spend hours and hours until a piece of art looked perfect for me. Since the young age, I was quite self-critical and chose to spend more hours for drawing if I felt it was needed. I did put and I still do put more than 100% to my work.



I feel grateful for teachers and professors I worked with at the Academy of Arts. With their help I have found my style – drawing with black gel pen – surreal artwork filled up with ornaments which are similar to graphics technique. A big massive thank you to all people I’ve met so far in my path and who helped me along the way!


Story about something

After a few awards in contests and after showing the world my artwork on social media, I have found that people fall in love with my artwork and they often ask if they could buy something from me. Once I started wondering, why people do not ask for a particular object, they do ask for something instead. As I did not find an answer I dared to ask this question a client of mine. By the time I was living in London we met for a traditional cup of tea to speak about an artwork he wanted me to draw. The answer surprised me and made me feel blessed at the same time: “Your artwork is magical. It radiates powerful energy. It blows my mind when I read descriptions and look into your Artwork or when I find the connection between the objects. It makes me think more and more how connected everything is. So I ask for something because I know you will give me something that is magical, inspiring, and deep. ” The answer got me thinking: “It is working, this person got the message I put in my Artwork… and it is so amazing!”. So, here I am now, usually drawing something for people or even more, getting mind-blowing ideas from my clients. I do exist because of my clients and feel grateful for their support. If you are reading this thank you too!



Inspiration comes from within – thoughts, feelings, emotions. I feel inspired by the idea to be able to inspire other people to think deeper, to understand more, to love, to explore and to find, to live fully. I always put a message on each artwork, a meaning which is something for you to understand and take, something for you to be inspired by, for you and for all the people on this Earth, so step by step all of us could live in a beautiful peaceful world full of understanding, love, happiness, joy, gratefulness and beautiful energy.



When I take a pen to my hand and touch the paper – I tap into another dimension where everything is possible and connected. Thoughts and feelings, mind and emotions, dots and lines, shades and ornaments are being combined together into one big beautiful composition which shows and tells a story with a message to the audience. I feel like the field of imagination is limitless and boundless – while thinking about one idea the other ones are coming as well. Usually, there are clouds of ideas just flying around – I have to concentrate and listen to my inner voice which says how to put everything perfectly on the piece of paper. Every single touch of a pen is very significant.



There is no particular scheme or a plan for ornaments, I just feel which direction and how pen has to be placed on the paper and then I start to draw small lines, circles, dots and all other figures which are coming to my mind. That is how simple flowers, butterflies, buildings and other objects do not look simple anymore when they are drawn differently.



No sketches are done before drawing (unless requested by the client). Sometimes I do not even have an Idea and start from the line and the Idea follows. While drawing the Idea is being developed, every single artwork is drawn with different feelings and emotions, different messages and meanings. Each artwork always has a different ornament – every time I create a new one for every single Artwork. I am always trying to express as many feelings as I can on the piece of paper so the audience could read it as easy as possible.


When I take a pen to my hand and touch the paper – I tap into another dimension – RS Art Dimension.